27 August 2014

TGF Edit: AW14

I love this limbo time between seasons, no longer the warmth of summer but the autumnal chill isn't quite in the air yet, a time for experimenting ready for the new season. Although I wish it was still warm, I am itching to break out my new pieces, which happens every year. However this transitional time can be a nightmare as the weather does not co-operate and quite often i am either freezing or boiling hot as i cannot judge, so i am trying to find pieces i can layer for the time being.

Here are the new season pieces that have caught my eye so far, some transitional, some true winter styles as well as a mix of brands and price points. A beautiful collection of rich colour and pattern alongside some interesting textures like neoprene, fur and wool. The piece I am most excited about is the Oasis pencil skirt, with its gorgeous colour and print, perfect for the office.

1. Topshop Scuba Skirt £55, 2. New Look Wrap £15.99, 3. Oasis Double Layer Dress £50,
4. New Look Coat £64.99,  5. Matalan Mixed Print Dress £16. 6. Oasis Pencil Skirt £40
7. New Look Glitter Boots £39.99, 8. Kate Spade Agenda $30,
9. New Look Vamp Leopard Heels £39.99 

Roll on my next trip to Leicester, can't wait to get these lovelies in my wardrobe. The only item that may be a little harder to get is the beautiful Kate Spade Agenda, as I can only find online and at the moment post and packaging from the US is more than the item itself!!! So beautiful but may need to wait for my bosses next trip to the US and get home to find one for me.

Here is to the new season and all the pretty, warm fashions that come with it.

12 August 2014

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw

Ever since I saw the beautiful Carrie Bradshaw in these outfits, I have loved the idea of adding a touch of grown up tulle to my wardrobe. There is something romantic about the layers of tulle when styled with a beautiful pair of heels and statement jewels. Many many pins have been added to my Pinterest boards, with ideas of how to wear a tulle skirt casually or dressed up but I haven't found one that felt like me and didn't make me look like a three year old!......until now. 

The latest brand to launch via DorothyPerkins.com is Lola Skye and low and behold one item within this capsule collection is a tulle skirt in blush or grey. I stumbled across this whilst trying to find a pair of bridesmaid shoes and as soon as I saw the blush one my inner Bradshaw took over and I simply had to have it and it was clearly fate as not only was it in promotion with money off but I also got free delivery! Now it has arrived I cannot wait to wear it, although my one critism would be the static nature of the underskirt and that it is fairly see through, but I can live with this. I will also need to wait for this balmy hot weather to cool a bit as sweat isn't quite the accessory I want to team with my tulle! 

I have several outfits pulled together on my Stylebook app, so I thought I would share my favourites - a holiday/summer look, girls night out and something for the office fashionista:

Do you own a tulle skirt? Would love it hear how you style it - is it an everyday item or do you save for nights out or special occasions? 

10 August 2014

The New Beau

Since deciding to buy my new house, i have been on a fashion detox, spending very little time or money on my wardrobe but since we are almost all settled in, I decided it was time for a treat so this called for a trip to Bicester Village. 

Normally going to Bicester with the intention of shopping means i leave empty handed but not today.....and this trip was all about Kate Spade. A recent addition to my love list, i cannot get enough of this American brand and just how beautiful it is from the product down to the stores themselves, so pleased we do now have a few stores in the UK, to feed my glittery habit. Now i did have a game plan for my trip to the store, knowing that most stores stock is about a year old i was keen to see if my lust item of the last 12 months had made its way to discount heaven. 

After only a few minuets of being in the store i spotted it....hidden at the back in 3 different colours, the 2 Park Avenue Beau bag - I have never been so excited to see a handbag (sad i know). With hubby holding my faithful Mulberry i stood clutching the very bag i had set out to find, and although still more than many people will spend on a handbag (but still less than a new Mulberry) i had to buy it, especially after the sales lady said they had only arrived in the store the day before - fate me thinks! 

Then came the important decisions - small or large size and in black, two tone cream or vibrant geranium?? I decided to go for a small black one, as this was an investment leather piece and although bright pink is gorgeous and very me, it's not that classic or timeless. Plus with my little frame the large version looked more like i was carrying a holdall rather than a handbag! not the look i was going for.

So here she is.....

This is what sparked my love of this beautiful bag.....a great little campaign video

So here's to many, many years of happiness with my new beau.
Anyone else been seduced by this beautiful bag?

4 August 2014

My June & July

Due to not internet connection at home, this month I have combined My June & July, enjoy.....

* Cute stationary - my faithful Filofax plus some candy lovelies from Sainsbury's and the cutest mobile phone case ever. * Pinterest quote of the month, the perfect sum up of what fashion should be. * Ooh la la, the perfect mix of prints - striped pencil skirt and floral ballets. * The embellishment on my great find in H&M, jewelled butterfly's and flowers on a slinky bomber jacket. * Cute summer workwear, a mix of classic and a little touch of fashionista to complete the look. * Discovered the great homeware collection from none other than H&M, see my the pieces on my new house wish list..... * Work is so much more fun with pink accessories #legallyblonde. * Two more cute summer outfits: 1. New Look midi dress, Topshop wedges and my new favourite scarf from good old Next. 2. Dorothy Perkins White lace dress, Aldo sandals and the cutest accessory ever....the Accessorize camera bag. 

* Beautiful pages in the latest issue of Cosmo season guide. Pastel party with yummy accessories in every shade of sorbet and an amazing bag/sweater combo on the "in my wardrobe" feature. * My puuuuurfect packing partner, after a trip to the vets Willow showing she is all good and ready to continue to supervise the filing of boxes. * In honour of moving, a home themed Pinterest loves selection, for more head over to my Pinterest boards. * Creating artwork for the new house, simple striped wallpaper and a frame, now to find it a spot to hang it. * So it's finally here - moving day!!!! Love this selfie, although hubby does look a little like a floating head.

* A vintage Carrie moment for inspiration, on the train on way to find my sis a wedding outfit. 
* Fuel for what turned into a mammoth shopping trip, gotta start with Starbucks fruit toast and a skinny vanilla latte. * Always the joker my little sis modelling her choice of summer accessory in Primark.  * Finally found my bathroom colour scheme, towels from Dunelm in the perfect shade of plum purple to compliment my beautiful Mathew Williamson butterfly mirror. * Pinterest loves. 
* Discovering that flat pack furniture isn't always easy, can't believe 1 coffee table took 2 hours to build! * A day out in our new local area - indulging my husbands love for trains, a trip on the great central railway. Love the old school luggage - how a lady should travel.

* Whilst discovering my new local New Look store I stumbled upon this staircase with great wallpaper. * A New Look sale bargain, which will be great for FW14, love this burgundy colour and all the embellishment. * Celebrating Denim day at Lands End - my entry for the denim mood board competition " how you wear denim". Pinterest really is a great invention for this kind of task, and it earned me a prize! A pair of new jeans from the new jeans collection! Find your perfect pair at landsend.co.uk. * Look out for the new post coming soon on the blog - channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw. * My AW14 Mulberry report - check it out to discover if the brand has reignited my love or do we have another dud collection on our hands. * Feeling a little Autumnal with my choice of accessories, a burgundy necklace and tartan scarf. * More Pinterest loves, think the slogan is fantastic and feel like it should be my new mantra in life and in fashion. * Sunday date to a local hay maze, not the traditional day out but good fun in the sun, except when i lost hubby and was wandering around for half an hour lost because he had the map!

So I thought the rest of the year had gone quick but I appear to have blinked and missed not only June but July too!! Oh well here's to August and all it brings - internet re-connection (YAY), a work trip and my sisters hen party!

24 July 2014

Mulberry AW14

"The Mulberry Autumn Winter 2014 season finds inspiration in the colour of the British countryside, embracing rich oaks, misty greys, deep greens and intense oxblood taken from the mystery of the Highlands to the lush rolling hills of Mulberry's home in Somerset."

The campaign photography is the latest work of visual genius Tim Walker, using the beautiful British countryside as a classic background to the brands key items. Although not as whimsical and unexpected as the last few campaigns have been, this set of shots typifies the brands quality, craftsmanship and true British heritage. All that is missing for me is Mulberry monster, my favourite quirk from previous themes, that or a hidden gnome / butterfly.

The beautiful bags of AW14...... love this collection, not only are these four amongst my favourite silhouettes from Mulberry but they have brought back Oxblood - this was a colour i fell in love with in the AW12 collection when Del Rey first appeared and i lusted after it but it sold out before i could get one! Also the Willow tote has grabbed my attention, something about the mixed texture is beautiful and also the earthy green shades, which isn't normally a colour i am drawn to.

Alexa, Bayswater, Lily and Willow

Alongside the updated favourites, the new Tessie collection makes its debut - a more streamlined, simplistic group of bags with a few less buckles and detailing than the last few additions but nice and classic and also at a lower price point (£495-£695) - a great addition in my eyes after the horrific Cara bag, which tainted my love of Mulberry - read my thoughts Mulberry Miss

Check out the video link below to meet the new arrivals...

All in all a good new collection however the one thing that has lessened my excitement was the lack of a Fashion Week show. This collection would have been interesting to have seen on the catwalk, especially as i am feeling a distinct lack of wow factor this season - which with no creative director at the helm is not a surprise, i do hope they appoint someone soon as the excitement and brand sparkle needs to be brought back.

Overall although good, this collection for me seems a little too safe and is missing the expected Mulberry quirks....oh well will wait and see what the September show brings and what will catch my eye in the SS15 collection especially with the new pricing architecture that has been brought in (with bags in the £500-£800 price bracket, much more affordable for this fashionista on a budget) and fingers crossed they have also lost Cara Delevinge too!

How do you rate the latest offering from Mulberry?

5 June 2014

At home with H&M

In my never ending quest for finding the perfect furnishings for my new house, i have developed a love for the H&M home range, something i was aware of before but had never really looked, until one boring afternoon when I found several items that caught my eye. The frustrating thing is that this range is only available in the Oxford Street store (selected items) or online and i have had bad experiences with ordering online, so this may well just be something that i lust over but never buy! 

A fairly small range but a good starting point, the brand covers most soft essential items - from cushions and throws to bedding and storage plus a small kitchenware offering but its main focus is textiles. A good range of price points too with many items coming in at under £20. The current range is a great mix of grey's and neutrals with pops of colour, great for me as these are the colours I need! These are my favourite pieces, and I may have to give in and order online, unless I find better elsewhere. 

Cushions: Boucle £7.99, Boucle metallic £12.99, Textured Moss Knit £14.99, 
Linen stripe £12.99, Twill block stripe £6.99
Duvet sets: Butterflies £29.99, Vintage £34.99, Polka dot £29.99
Jacquard weave blanket £24.99

Have you heard of / seen the home range? Would love to hear from you if you bought anything.

4 June 2014

My May

* A random till purchase in H&M, couldn't resist, what girl doesn't want her injuries to be dressed up in cute My Little Pony plasters! * All the glitz and glamour from the Met Gala, did you see the post? If not check it out here Gala Glamour. * Such a cute kitty, all this sunshine is making Willow so sleepy, and her favourite place to snooze is on my bed. * Oh Essie how I love all your beautiful shades. Want to see my top 6 shades for summer - My Essie Edit . * Loved discovering the new summer homeware collection at Sainsbury's. "Memory lane" is a gorgeous pastel party that I simply couldn't resist, will be indulging in some items for my new garden (already gave in and bought the lunch bag and matching travel cup), head over to your local store and see what tickles your fancy. * Finally getting to wear my Primark midi skirt, now the sun has come out and this print is a great summer love. * An odd find in Pound stretcher, a tall wall hanging photo frame, great for my favourite pics, and saves on holes in the wall!. * The new technology love of my life, the Stylebook app is the best closet organiser ever, read my review and see for yourself how amazing it is - App L♥VE. * The latest Essie shade in my makeup bag... Go Ginza a great pastel shade.

* Cute new style book from Amazon, a good mix of advice and outfit building, available at amazon.co.uk. * Cute outfit for the sunshine, white lacy dress from Dorothy Perkins with rainbow jewels and my fun animal print sunnies. *  Favourite Pinterest pics from the month of May. * Finally got round to spending my birthday voucher from my brother in law, and decided to go for a charm for my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. This kitty charm was a must have, especially with its sparkly eyes, it reminds me of my little Willow. * Having a pastel party on my nails, Go Ginza on my fingers and Mint Candy Apple on my toes. * Finally gave in and got the Cara camera bag from Accessorize, such a great bag and so individual, perfect for summer - another birthday voucher purchase (not sure my birthday vouchers have ever lasted this long before!). * So my house is nearly there....end of June is fast approaching and I am so excited, it now has all its doors and windows and the interior is going in fast. * TGF Edit - my top pick of summer sandals, a treat for the feet and what better way to show off a fresh pedicure.

* Love this lips cami - fast becoming my favourite top. * The most stunning shoes, each a piece of wearable art - discover more from desinger Sophia Webster in my post: Wearable Art
* Unexpected fireworks one Tuesday night, caught one burst - so pretty, although the quivering furry lump under the duvet wouldn't agree. * An oldy but a goody, my summer scarf - vintage River Island, covered in hand drawn sketched animals and flowers in a subtle watercolour palette of colour. * The newest addition to my handbag collection, very similar to the Mulberry Del Rey but at a fraction of the price. Ladylike and classic, just how I like my bags. * My little packing assistant, cannot open a box without help! IS getting a tad annoying now though as she makes the job take twice as long, think she will really miss them once we have moved. * New floral ballet pumps, beautiful colours and a bargain at only £7.99!! 
* A very unexpected ending to the month - took my little car in for her MOT and long story short she failed. With an estimated bill of £1000 to fix I had to look at alternative options and oddly the best thing was to trade in and get a new one, so I did! This is my brand new baby and such a beautiful shade of blue. Now as is the usual tradition she needs a name - any suggestions welcome.

Can't believe it is now June!! The wait for my house is almost over, so my apologies as my posting schedule will be a little odd until i am in and settled with internet access.

24 May 2014

Wearable Art

In recent years the links between art and fashion have become more and more apparent. I have always felt that fashion is art - it is how we express ourselves everyday but i love that designers are really embracing this and creating pieces that really are wearable art. The designer that has really caught my eye recently is Sophia Webster.... i had never heard of her before but every since i saw her collaboration with American super brand J Crew, i have seen her designs everywhere and my Instagram account went crazy with shots from her latest press day and i was so impressed with the variety of pieces and the playful nature of the styles, especially the use of slogan's (not something usually used on footwear) on such feminine shoes. There are a couple of styles i would have loved to have worn at my wedding, so much so i am considering a pair to go with my maid of honour dress for my little sisters wedding - watch this space....

1. Oprah - "Sweet Talk" Slogan heels £395. 2. Jerry - the perfect flat partner to Oprah £290.
3. Jemima - Striped and jewelled, a great combination £445. 4. Peron - who doesn't love a pair of shoes covered in hearts? £295. 5. Rosa - the fashionista's, grown up jelly shoe £210.
6. Chiara - my favourite, statement butterflies, enough said! £410

The mix of styles within the SS14 collection are amazing - from the simple slogan ballet flat to the ornate butterfly heels. With some glamourous everyday choices and some much more intricate and flamboyant pieces, there really is something for every occasion and these beautiful shoes really are like wearing a piece of art. The above is just a small selection of the range, the styles that grabbed my attention and that i would love to wear.

Alongside the gorgeous current collection, Sophia has collaborated with J Crew, with some beautiful styles, especially loving the polka dot Mary-Jane (Primark have done a version that has been a great seller), all three below, a modern take on a classic shoe, sadly though most of the styles are now sold out!

1. Penelope - a Mary-Jane with a modern twist £460. 2. Alicia - a simple bar shoe with a pretty update £480. 
3. Anneka - the classic court as you have never seen it before £395

Whilst browsing the sophiawebster.co.uk website, i also discovered the new Mini range, it is nice to see a designer who is thinking about not only the fashionista but also her mini me. I am totally in love, with this adorable selection - i really want the little leopard print sandals called Gaga (wish they came in my size!) - image taken from the brands Instagram.

Also worth mentioning the great slogan clutch bags that are also available on sophiawebster.co.uk - with a variety of cheesy one liners, a great quirky addition to a fashionista's bag collection, although a little on the pricey side at £340.

Which of the amazing shoe collection is your favourite?

18 May 2014

TGF Edit: Summer Sandals

The summer sun can only mean one thing - time to paint those toenails and don your sandals.... and with such beauties available on the high-street there is no excuse not to find your perfect sunshine partner. Some people love plain styles that will go with everything, others prefer a touch so sparkle or pattern but with so many great options around you are sure to find the pair for you. Personally I like the option of having both - classic and simple, a no brainer option,easy to add to any outfit but I also like something a little more fun especially when jewels and on trend colours are involved.

These are my favourites from the highstreet, with a variety of prices for every pocket and budget - which would you choose?

1. Dahlia - Kurt Geiger £180 - a beautifully simple style but in a great bold colour.
2. Malibu sparkle - Accessorize £37 - simple nude base with pastel jewels.
3. Kayla - Carvela £55 - every girl loves a little bit of sparkle and the summer is no exception.
4. Leopard - Next £28 - embrace your inner animal, with this calfhair pair.
5. Camden - J Crew @ Net-a-Porter £200 - have seen these gorgeous sandals everywhere, they seem to be the fashionista's favourite choice, simple with a touch of J Crew sparkle.
6. Studio Punch - Clarks £49.99 - something beautiful from an unexpected source, Clarks have really stepped it up in the style stakes recently and this pair is a great example.

So my feet are all ready for summer - are yours?

16 May 2014

App L♥VE

Like most people these days, technology is a big part of my life - i am one of those people who would be miserable without my phone and access to the world. So apart from the obvious everyday apps such as Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, I wanted to share the other app that has become a must for me:


Always intrigued by organisational tools, I was so pleased when apps designed to keep track of your wardrobe first appeared and very excited when I discovered Stylebook, after reading an online review. The only sadness at the time was my lack of Apple technology compatible with the app, as a Samsung girl this just wasn't available to me. I have tried many of the free options from the Google play store and have been disappointed, with the limitations of the app and the amateur feeling of the graphics. So when my husband recently decided to give in and buy an iPad I was on board especially because I knew I could finally catalogue my vast wardrobe and as soon as it was out of the box, Stylebook was loaded and I spent an entire weekend adding all my pieces (amazing how much time it takes when you are photographing every item). Unlike many apps that have a limit to the number of items you can load, Stylebook appears not too which makes the price of the app totally worth while, especially as i am forever adding items.

Once you have created your closet and added in all your items, you can then take advantage of the additional features such as the calendar, packing lists and style stats (helps you to see the items you wear most/least etc) to name a few. This app has revolutionised my dressing experience, especially as i am not a morning person and i can plan a week of outfits whilst sat watching the TV and without having them all piled up on the bed for the cat to fall asleep on, it also helps you to incorporate items you forgot you had, or come up with new combinations. Watch out for outfit posts/updates on social media....

App features:

I am looking forward to using the packing list feature, as when i travel i always take too much and still end up struggling with what to wear, but with this feature i can plan outfits including accessories before hand and pack accordingly.

Check out the video below for a full tour of this amazing little app:

For more information visit: www.stylebookapp.com

Are there any apps you couldn't live without?

8 May 2014


Finding the perfect nail polish is for me is just as important as finding the perfect pair of jeans, it can be time consuming but well worth it in the end. Up until last year I was a Barry M addict, with no real favourite shades but at less then £4 a bottle i was always trying something new, including some collours I will never repeat! I remember seeing the Essie brand in magazines and mentioned in my favourite coffee table book, by Emily Schuman from the amazing blog cupcakesandcasmere.com and to my surprise and happiness I discovered the brand finally came to the UK last year and is now stocked in both Boots and Superdrug stores. How I survived before Essie I will never know, even though it is more expensive than a lot of polish brands the extra pennies are well worth it - such glossy, rich colours and I could never make a set of nails last more than 3 days without chips developing, but with Essie I get a perfect set for more than a week. My favourite product is actually the rapid dry top coat "good to go", it drys almost instantly and means I can paint my nails just before bed and wake up without the horrible duvet dents in my manicure, that I get from every other brand.

With a colour for every occasion and outfit, it is not surprise that the UK is loving Essie.
I really enjoyed the quirky story/poem in the about section on the Essie website, a great way to introduce the brand and its' history to new customers - extract taken from Essie.com

"once upon a time… a mademoiselle just out of ballet slippers, had an a-list idea. why should a damsel in a dress settle for nails au natural? from this stroke of brilliance, Essie Weingarten created smokin’ hot colors that were cute as a button and haute as hello. with blanc and really red in her carry on, she headed to Vegas, where she mesmerized the limo-scene with her stylenomics.
soon, every scarlett o’hara was jamaica me crazy for essie colors, from blushing bride and prima ballerina to bahama mama and big spender. even the devil’s advocate was sew psyched. it seemed there were no boundaries to mini how high this leading lady could fly.
in lady like fashion, essie sold good as gold, from the coat azure to fifth avenue – all while keeping merino cool. the secret story to success? sure shot chic color with a master plan that’s a cut above the rest, leaving the glamour purse set proclaiming, “it’s genius!" brazilliant essie color has become the shine of the times, proving that beauty is not just a pretty face."
With so many gorgeous shades to choose from picking my favourites was hard work but I have narrowed it down to my top 6 colours:

1. Lilacism - a satiny smooth lilac
2. Tart Deco - a dreamy coral with an artistic burst of colour (currently on my toes)
3. In the Cab-ana - self assured aqua azure *a new shade for me
4. Mint candy apple - a crime de menthe mint
5. Under the twilight - provocative smokey plum
6. Lovie Dovie - a perfect true flamingo pink (currently wearing)

Have you discovered your favourite Essie shade yet? Please share below...

6 May 2014

Gala Glamour

The Met Gala is one of the most important events in the fashion calendar and following last year's world of punk theme, this year saw a return to a more glamorous dress code. Like so many events, the evening had winners and losers in the style stakes, with most pulling out all the stops to steal the night but a few sparkling horrors have made the worst dressed lists today. With such a wide array of designer gowns gracing the red carpet, alongside a few unexpected appearances like Kendall Jenner in a customsied Topshop dress and a great mix of shapes, from elegant slinky numbers to full on princess ballgowns with the jewels to match there really was a look for all tastes. The Met Gala ball is the ultimate event for fashion and this year's attendants did not fail to bring the glitz and glamour.

These are my favourites dresses from the evening, in particular Emmy Rossum - with such a bright colour and bold floral print she looked amazing and was a nice change from the pallete of monochrome that seemed to rule the event. 

Emmy Rossum - Caroline Herrera gown. 
Hayden Panettiere in Dennis Basso. 
Leighton Meester - dress by Emilio Pucci with Jimmy Choo heels. 
Karoline Kurkova - Marchesa ballgown with Harry Winston diamonds.  
Reese Witherspoon - Stella McCartney gown. 
Kate Mara - Valentino SS14 couture gown.

- ♥ -

Sarah Jessica Parker - custom-made Oscar de la Renta gown. 
Felicity Jones - bespoke gown Olivier Theyskens. 
Hailee Steinfeld - gown by Prabal Gurung with Van Cleef & Arpels jewels. 
Kirsten Wiig - Balenciaga by Alexander Wang dress and trousers. 
Blake Lively - custom-made Gucci Premiere gown. 
Agron - bespoke Miu Miu dress.

Who gets your vote for best dressed? And which group do you prefer - the ladies in monochrome or those who chose colour & print?

4 May 2014

My April

"A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away." Eudora Welty

Of all the social media out there, Instagram is truly my favourite and I am obsessed! I love nothing more than posting beautiful images and seeing those posted by others, it has become my morning ritual to scroll through and see what moments have happened whilst I have been asleep, and as most of the bloggers I follow are in the US there are usual quite a few to catch up on. 

So here is my snapshot of my April moments....

* A new summer season deserves a new pair of sunnies - not my usual style but so fun, with pastel animal print - newlook.com. * Crazy about lips, love this Lulu Guiness inspired print from Matalan is just gorgeous and looks great on this simple silky cami top. * The tester cake for my birthday, one of the perks of being married to a chef - yummy treats. * My favourite way to wear a scarf, with a vintage pin. * Lands' End getting trendy with a mention in Look Magazine for the beautiful floral mac, part of the current SS14 collection, take a look - Floral Raincoat* New bedding I couldn't resist, something cute about all the glasses especially when Willow spends ages trying to move them! Primark really do have some good home stuff and great for £12.99. * My Highstreet Haul - bargain shopping with some fabulous pieces and prints. * The latest view of my house - it nearly has a roof! This waiting game is killing me as I am not the most patient of people and I am so ready to get in it and start making it a home. * Part of one of my favourite quotes used on a simple grey t from Primark, Yves Saint Laurent was right "Fashions fade, style is eternal"

* The sun has arrived and so have my legs!! My three favourite outfits from this month: 1. H&M midi skirt styled with a striped sleeveless blouse and fringed sandals. 2. Primark printed midi skirt and slogan t with my faithful flat tan sandals. 3. My New love - H&M striped pencil skirt teamed with a open shoulder t and ethnic inspired jewellery. * My April Pinterest favourites, such a great mix of images this month with a fabulous pastel palette, really love the beautiful intricate necklace and floral embellished coat. * My new home decorating inspiration, absolutly in love with this colour mix - check out the full post Grey&Yellow. * The new Puuuuuuurfect piece in my wardrobe, a great new take on a stripe t with an almost French twist. Topshop really do have some amazing quirky basic pieces at the moment. 
* Willow felt like a furry fashionista one evening and was having trouble deciding which scarf to wear! I believe she decided on the leopard print - such a little poser. * New spring shoes, perfect shade of mint and a very cute sling back style, also available in other colours on newlook.com. * My favourite way to relax when I get home from work, with a good book from my vast array of fashion & Style titles.

 * BIRTHDAY!!! So where to start..... first off is the stunning Oliver Bonas necklace I received from the ladies at work, so me and I love. Next up is the sparkle fest that was my desk, I am still finding stars and the occasional happy birthday dotted around. * An early celebratory Chinese buffet meal with my amazing best friend - note to self don't wear a tight fitting skirt when you visit and all you can eat restaurant! * The beautifully view from round my mum and dad's house, perfect setting for walking off all the cake. * The final cake from hubby, yummy chocolate with buttercream topping. * My birthday outfit, had I realised the country outing would happen I would have been a little more appropriately dressed but oh well. * A saying that I have always found to be true and will always live my life by. * Parisian kitty chic, teamed my new t with a pencil skirt and pearls - felt very grown up in the office, but with a me twist. * Finally a late birthday treat to myself - spent some of my birthday pennies on this amazing rainbow statement necklace from EBay, that I cannot wait to wear!

So that was April - May here we come!